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Ritesh Lala
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Interactive Installation @ MAT End of the Year Show 2011. (June 9, 2011)

Animus is an interactive multimedia installation inspired by Quorum Sensing in bacteria. It stands as a metaphor for the governing spirit of the system, a collective brain if you will, for cell to cell communication in microbes which in turn defines its gene expression and the collective behaviors that emerge from it. Micro organisms use this kind of communication constantly to check for their population density and crossing a certain threshold display behaviors that vary from bioluminescence and toxic secretion to sporulation and conjugation.

Animus places the user as a controller for this system, where how they choose to interact with it defines its outcomes. The user gets a continuous feedback of the threshold required to display a certain behavior (bioluminescence in this case), affecting how they interact with it, making them more a part of the system then its controller eventually.

Installation Description

The installation uses a Kinect to create a sensing field in front of the projection, making direct manipulation of the system possible unaffected by any background noise. The user needs to perform a certain gesture to identify them as the controller and start affecting the system’s behavior reflected by the audio interface and the display projection.