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Object Tracking in the IR Domain for Multi-Touch Surfaces

Group Collaboration Project for MAT 200C: Spring 2010

I worked with a team of six other people to create a multi-touch surface table for MAT. We used FTIR for touch detection, TUIO for tracking and Processing for the display.

The concept of Natural User Interfaces is becoming more and more widespread from applications in user appliances to research instruments. In this domain of technology where user experiences range from simple touch screens to fluid interfaces, multi-touch surfaces have an important role to play. For some they might promise of a more integrated, interactive and intuitive multi-user solution, while for others they might pose a situation of unwanted change. This project takes a positive approach towards adapting to this technology and investigates to a certain extent, the mechanics of it. It also presents a brief overview of certain applications for such an interface and how they can be expanded. It is concluded that touch interfaces provide a sense of instant feedback and a feeling of prompt reaction which makes it a richer and faster experience. Further investigations and user feedback would lead to more streamlined applications that could take collaborative software applications to the next level.